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Charleston Cuisine

Soup to (Boiled) Nuts: The Peanut’s Long Journey to South Carolina

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The history of peanuts in the United States in general, and in the Southern states specifically, is inseparably tied to the African diaspora; as is the case for many foods for which the Carolinas are now famous. Peanuts find their native footing in ancient South America, where their nutritious, substantive character seemed to be as…

Charleston’s 16 Most Iconic Dishes [& Where To Find Them!]

The dishes that define Charleston by Erin [email protected] Sep 28, 2017 Lowcountry Boil — very classic Charleston Ashley Mitchell Those looking for staples of Charleston’s culinary scene, take notice. This is a roundup of food that defines the city’s cuisine. From okra soup to country captain to oyster stew, relatively new to old standbys,…

Restaurants That Offer Peak Eating In the Lowcountry


By Hannah Raskin Aug 25, 2017 Critics are forever being asked to name the city’s best restaurant. It’s an impossible question to answer, since at best it is an ambiguous concept (and I’ll spare you the rest of the spiel for now). But the following restaurants are the sources of some of Charleston’s peak eating experiences….