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Meet Our Guides

Glenn Morehead


After several vacations to the Charleston area over the years, I realized that there truly is no better destination. I decided to call the Holy City my home four years ago. I packed up the truck, said goodbye to Atlanta, and have loved every minute of my decision since. As an amateur artist, I set up my canvas in every area of the Lowcountry I could find and in doing so was fortunate enough to meet several varieties of locals (some several generations deep).

There is no lack of “storytellers” in this town and I became so intrigued by the stories I was listening to that I decided to start doing my own research. I didn’t realize at the time, but it led me down a path that has genuinely changed my life. It wasn’t until I studied the lost stories of Charleston that I sincerely fell in love with my new home.

I feel honored to be able to share the extraordinary knowledge that I have learned with everyone that is willing to give me an ear. My hope is that my passion will spark a fire in someone else and that these amazing lost stories will be told for generations to come.

Guilds Hollowell


A native of South Carolina, I am a member of the fourth generation of Guilds’s in the Charleston area. Born and raised in Mt. Pleasant, SC, I grew up playing golf in our beautiful lowcountry and music in popular downtown Charleston restaurants and taverns. After high school, I left South Carolina to attend college in Maine, learned about snowstorms and met my wife. We raised four kids on the coast of Maine and moved to the Charleston area in 2007 after our nest was emptied.  We meet our Denver sons and New York City daughters in Maine each summer, but everyone’s favorite spot is right here in Charleston!!

I am honored to be a part of this endeavor which showcases all that is so much a part of my heritage. I know secrets about the Charleston area that you won’t find in the history books or on other tours!  Enjoy Charleston Culinary Tours as the perfect avenue to explore and celebrate the best kept secret of the south…..Charleston.

Hoon Calhoun


gour·mand – 1. A person who enjoys eating and often eats too much.  2. A connoisseur of good food.  Synonym: Hoon Calhoun…And that when it all became clear… his name was a synonym.

Embracing global cuisine, there’s no doubt that Hoon Calhoun lives to eat, but also eats to learn and experience. For Charleston Culinary Tours, Hoon’s role is vital in liaising amongst illustrious chefs, restaurants’ kitchens, and our special guests.

From Limoges to paper plates, from E&O’s Spieglau crystal to Ball-Mason jars; From to blood-sauced Canard Rouennaise to Appalachia’s “Jelly Milkshake”; From Louis XV (Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo) to marshside oyster roasts; From the King of Thailand’s chef to the truckstop server with her gravy-biscuits…all are vessels of Hoon’s culinary experience, education and enjoyment

Hoon firmly believes that the food a culture eats – is as important in revealing their true natures – as the laws they pass and the wars they fight.

If you are looking for a tour with Hoon he is available for the Chefs Kitchen Tours which take place Thursday and Friday mornings at 9:30am. Also Hoon is the guide for the Thursday afternoon Upper King Street Tour at 3 o’clock.  Hoon is available upon request, schedules permitting.

Charley Smith


Growing up, my family rented a beach house on Pawley’s Island every New Year’s.  My favorite part of the vacation would always be the day trip we took down to Charleston. The history, the food, the ambiance of cobblestone streets, gas lamps and horse-drawn carriages stole a little piece of my heart on every visit.

When it came time to choose the location of my college experience, I was torn between University of South Carolina in Columbia or the College of Charleston.  The decision came down to a simple but tormenting debate:  football or Charleston, football or Charleston.  The city won out and the historical vacation spot became my new home in 2005.  Four years later, I graduated with a degree in theater with absolutely no interest in pursuing the bright lights of the big city.

After some soul-searching, I realized that I loved this city and wanted to settle here. It has everything I find grand in life: fascinating history, thriving theater, untouched nature, friendly folks and unbelievably good food. If travelers found this to be the “best city in the world”, then how could I possibly leave. I feel blessed to have found a career that allows me to share my passion with everyone and walk these beautiful streets everyday.

Susan DeBlase


I have no “claim to fame” except that I recognized that old family recipes would get lost if not carefully collected! I started at age 10 to collect! Over the years I followed old aunts and the like around and not only got recipes, but learned to be a good cook. Luckily I had a mother who encouraged not only excellence and elegance, but adventure as well. Love the family favorites, but try the new!! Hate to admit it, but I have been cooking for over 60 years!

Susan’s original calling was to be a school teacher. After “lots and lots” of teaching she moved to Charleston to find herself still teaching kids but has added a new clientele (adults) and a new platform, Charleston’s Upper King Street Foodie neighborhood. Other interests include Beanie Babies, cold fusion, cross-stich, quantum physics, acid rock, and cooking shows.

About Our Tours

Charleston Culinary Tours combine elements of historical tours with culinary adventures.

As most tours sell out, all reservations are required in advance. Each tour is limited in size, so it is recommended that you get your reservations early. Charleston Culinary Tours are held rain or shine.


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