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Charleston’s Best Bites of 2021

a pizza sitting on top of a table next to a glass of wine

Wondering what our favorite mouthfuls were, over a year of great eating, in the dining capital of the southeast? Read on for the standouts from our year!

a chips sitting on top of a wooden table and menu with drink

Don’t pass up an Estadio Rosé Sangria Spritz Porrón!

La Gilda at Estadio – This itsy-bitsy app is a true one bite wonder. An anchovy, pickled pepper, and single olive on a skewer pack a massive flavor punch and whet the appetite for Estadio’s porrón pours!

a pizza sitting on top of a table next to a glass of wine

Mushroom, Scallion, and Aged Balsamic pizza on a beautiful fall day in Charleston

Mushroom, Scallion, and Aged Balsamic pizza from Doughboyz Pizza – A real dreamboat of a pie cooked up by this mobile pizza oven during one of the fantastic Bar Rollins events at Munkle Brewing. This flavor combo paired perfectly with Bar Rollins’ natural wine selection and thoroughly satisfied without feeling too heavy on wine-soaked stomachs. 

a close up of food chicken Philly cheesesteak

Grab a Buffalo Chicken Philly pronto!

Buffalo Chicken Philly at South Philly Steaks – We’re still encouraging Buffalo Chicken fanatics to run, not walk, to try this tangy, creamy, overstuffed take on the traditional Philly cheesesteak. The pillowy yet crusty roll makes for a less-messy-than-wings dining experience that hits all the right Buffalo notes.

a plate of food with a glass of wine and oyster

Oyster Shooter is a must-try experience while visiting the Holy City

Oyster Shooter at 167 Raw – This unique twist on the more common tomato-based oyster shooter pairs one of 167’s beautiful bivalves with a gorgeous green concoction that’s super refreshing and boasts a bit of a bite to get you in just the right mood for ceviche and lobster roll.

a plate of tomato and cheese tart food on a table

Chasing Sage wins most-anticipated restaurant opening of 2021!

Tomato and Chèvre Tart at Chasing Sage – While Chasing Sage’s whole menu is a veritable seasonal symphony that every Charleston local and visitor should try, this summertime special expertly balanced local ripe tomatoes with a mildly tart chèvre, resulting in a rich yet refreshing little aria on a plate.

a hand holding a caviar sandwich

Treat yourself this New Year!

Caviar Sandwich at Baba’s on Cannon – A true luxe lunch or dinner (or breakfast!) option for those who enjoy the finer things. This deceptively simple sando boasts silky, briny caviar on fluffy buttered brioche and will make you feel like the Queen of France, guaranteed.

a close up of food crawfish tacos

Get your hands on some Crawfish Tacos

Crawfish Tacos at Caribbean Creole – While crawfish tend to be more closely associated with Louisiana rather than the Lowcountry of S.C., Caribbean Creole’s preparation of lightly frying the tasty little buggers in a golden batter and tossing them on flour tortillas with a Creole-spicy sauce about made our eyes pop out of our head with astonishment at this suburb flavor combo. 

Care to discover your favorite Charleston bite of 2022? Book our ~Downtown Charleston Culinary Tour ~ to get an insider’s look at all the very best Lowcountry flavors on display in our fab foodie city!