April showers bring May flowers

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There is a reason Charleston has repeatedly been listed as a top city to visit or to live. Because it’s amazing in every way! In fact, recently Travel and Leisure listed Charleston among the top 15 cities in the world! We couldn’t agree more with the editor-in-chief of Travel + Leisure, Nathan Lump. “The city has managed to preserve all…

Visit Charleston in March – lucky you!

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March is a lucky time to visit Charleston! With the onset of spring, the area offers local festivals, farmers markets, blooming flowers and delicious local cuisine. And, of course, being able to enjoy the luck o’ the Irish in this city is a bonus! It’s beautiful in Charleston this time of year. In fact, according…

Visit the historic French Quarter while in Charleston

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Named to the National Register of Historic Places in the 1970s, Charleston’s historic French Quarter was settled as part of the original Charles Towne charter way back in 1680. It eventually adopted the nickname of the French Quarter due to the high concentration of French merchants who settled and worked in the area over the years….

Top things to do in Charleston in February

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Imagine whisking your special someone away to an unforgettable destination for the holiday. What about a destination with delicious food and wine, historical sites, coastal vibes, and charming city attractions? Sound like a good match? Pack your bags – you’re headed to Charleston for your perfect romantic getaway!…

Top places to eat Soul Food in Charleston

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Ever heard of the term “Soul Food?” Well, if you want to sample some of the best food in that category, Charleston is the perfect place to visit! Known as made-from-scratch, home-cooked, stick-to-your-ribs traditional dishes prepared in the rural south, this type of food does just what the name implies – it fills your soul…

Top things to do in Charleston in January

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Just because winter is here doesn’t mean that’s an end to the tourism scene. In fact, January is a great time to travel. Ticket prices often drop and the crowds are much less after the hubbub of the holidays is over. Charleston is a thriving hotbed of entertainment, cuisine and history and because of our…

Foodie’s Ultimate Winter Checklist for Charleston

Foodie’s Ultimate Winter Checklist for Charleston By Patty Osborne Source Charleston, S.C., is where it’s happening. That’s not news, because Charleston has been a happening place since it was founded more than a century before the American Revolution. This coastal city has a history drenched with pirates (Blackbeard once laid siege to the city), revolutionaries,…

Top places to eat oysters in Charleston

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“It was a brave man who first ate an oyster.” – Jonathan Swift Let’s talk oysters. When considering this fare, the thought may occur: “How hungry did early humans have to be to eat this creature?” We get it. The shell is tough and nearly impenetrable and the gray, slimy mass inside can be less than appetizing. A…

Anyone Can Cook With the Help of Technology


Photo via Unsplash The great Auguste Gusteau said: “Anyone can cook.” These words might have resonated most to Remy the Rat in the hit Disney film, Ratatouille. But it doesn’t make it less true for everyone, especially in this day and age when technology has firmly hit its stride. One no longer needs a fancy…

Light and smart packing tips

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Traveling is rewarding, enjoyable and rejuvenating. But, the preparation for getting trip-ready can be overwhelming and exhausting. Often it can leave you feeling as if you truly earned your vacation! One of the most undesirable tasks is packing, which inevitably gets left to the last minute, leading to stress, frustration and overpacking. You may even…