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Where to Find Soft Shell Crabs in Charleston, 2017

Spring is here a few days early, and soft shell season is finally upon the Lowcountry. Charleston residence and visitors go absolutely mad for softies each year, whether they be fried, pan seared, or on a sandwich with bacon, lettuce, and tomato. As the short-season delicacy makes it to local restaurant menus, we’ll put them…

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The Hottest Restaurants in Charleston Right Now, March 2017

More often than not, tipsters, readers, friends and family of Eater have one question: Where should I eat right now? What are the new restaurants? What’s everyone talking about? While the Eater 38 is a crucial resource covering old standbys and neighborhood essentials across the city, it is not a chronicle of the “it” places…

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The Hottest Brunch Spots in Charleston, March 2017

If you’ve made your way through the essential brunch restaurants in Charleston and still yearn for another mimosa in a different setting, we present this list of the hot newspots servicing the early crowds. To be on the Brunch Heatmap, these establishments must be less than a year old (with some consideration for those barely over…

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Breads, Cakes, and Pastries in Charleston: Where to Find the Best

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to bring more pastries, cakes, and breads into your life (and, really, when is it not time for all those wonderful items?). There are some amazing bakeshops to be found all over the Lowcountry landscape — some make seductive sticky buns, while others use heritage grains to bring…

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8 Satisfying Lunch Ideas for Charleston Vegetarians

Get away from that sad desk salad, and stop by one of these Charleston restaurants for a hearty lunch sans meat. Vegetarians can find a variety of options at downtown establishments for a satisfying midday meal. Here a some of the highlights. Not listed by rank…  1 The Park Cafe Avocado Toast with Poached Egg:…

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10 Places for Great Shrimp & Grits in Charleston

Shrimp and grits has long since been a staple in Lowcountry kitchens. When you ask a local who has the best, they are likely to answer that they, or their mother, makes it best. The combination of sea and land was eventually adapted by restaurants and can now be found in almost every establishment claiming to serve…

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The blog ATTA Drink Reviews our Mixology Tour

The Southern states of the USA are famous for their cuisine and many companies offer culinary tours in cities like New Orleans or Savannah for tourists to discover the specialty dishes in their most famous restaurants. The Charleston Culinary Tours in Charleston, South Carolina, has taken the extra step of organizing visits to some of the…

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A Great Review from The Daniel Island News

While visiting Charleston, we took a tour with Charleston Culinary Tours. Our tour guide was Glenn Morehead. What a great way to sample Lowcountry cuisine! Our first stop was Cumberland Street Smokehouse where we ate Hickory Smoked Chicken wings and BBQ Duck Fat Fries. The chicken wings were smoked with a dry rub then fried…

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Sean Brock’s high concept McCrady’s Restaurant reboot pays off

McCrady’s Restaurant review, 1/11/17

By Jonathan Boncek

The fifth course on the tasting menu at McCrady’s delivers a single Virginia oyster. It arrives in a bowl filled with smooth round rocks draped with clumps of green kelp, a cloud of steam swirling up and enveloping it all. You get just one sparkling bite…

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Eric Slaughter, Oyster Specialist at The Oyster House on Market

Oyster season nothing to say ‘shucks’ about Keeping up with King Street By Susan Lucas It’s oyster season. Here in the Lowcountry, on any given day — if the wind is right — we can smell the ocean. If we’re oyster fans, we can taste it. September is typically thought of as the beginning of…

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