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Where to find our favorite Caviar Service in Charleston

a caviar sandwich on a green and white plate

Yes, that’s caviar in that sandwich. 

Feelin’ fancy? Anytime can be caviar time when you’re bopping around Charleston, living your best life. To prove it, we’ve assembled our list of some of the best spots around town to pretend you’re the Queen of France and down some fish eggs with luxurious abandon. Get it, girl!


Brasserie La Banque – Charleston’s buzziest spot for neigh on a year now is open, constantly booked, and slinging their Caviar du Banque with warm potato blini, creme fraiche, farm egg, and chive. Hit up the Brasserie when you’re feeling *very* European and want to soak up the old-world charm in this historic and beautifully restored bank building. Don’t forget to pop into Bar Vaute below for a drink beforehand! Or after. Or whatever.


Peninsula Grill – Tourists know it for the globally-famous coconut cake, but locals know you really can’t go wrong with anything at Peninsula Grill. Their Ossetra caviar service is no exception. Served with potato blini, clabber cream, hardboiled egg and onion, this is a classic take on this most indulgent of appetizers. You just want to pop into the Peninsula Grill bar for the caviar service, a few glasses of champagne, and the coconut cake? That’s an amazing idea, you should totally do that.


Zero George – Real Charleston foodies know that the Zero George Restaurant is always off the chain due to the culinary hijinks of the adorably bald and massively talented Chef Ventrillo. Should you do the cooking class with him if you get a chance? Uh yes duh. But you should also grab a table for dinner and let him beguile you with such whimsies as their Regiis Ova caviar service with butternut waffle and fresh cream. “Butternut waffle?! That sounds amazing!” Yes dude, get over there right now.


Delaney Oyster House – Seafoodie newcomer Delaney Oyster House gets in on a piece of the “fancy seafood in Charleston” pie at their converted Charleston single house turned upscale eatery. Neighborhood Dining Group knows what it’s doing and Delaney is keeping it real at their Calhoun Street location with a Hackleback caviar that’s served Southern style with cornmeal blini, cultured cream, and chives. Definitely check this fancy-wancy new kid on the block if you can get a table!


Babas on Cannon – Last but certainly not least, the most dedicated among you can get caviar FOR BREAKFAST not in the traditional Russian service style, but on a delightfully fluffy and buttery sandwich at Baba’s. This is also a good move if you have a child you’re trying to indoctrinate into the high life. The sandwich is both light and rich plus salty so it goes down real easy with a rose or one of Baba’s bottled G&Ts. Just saying. Also get the latte with peanut milk and thank me later.


Don’t forget to check out our Historic Supper Club or Private Culinary Tour offerings if you’re looking for something truly special and totally unique for any upcoming celebration!

– Palmer



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