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Take a culinary tour from your very own house

Life has changed for all of us in the past few months! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all adjusting to a new normal. The daily news briefings providing updates on current deaths, recent cases and supply shortages can start to take a toll on a person’s mental health. Then throw in to the mix a complete disruption of a regular routine as well as the reality of being limited to visiting enjoyable destinations, and social distancing can start to feel like social paralysis. As human beings we are social by nature. Even the most introverted person benefits from social interaction. Understandably, social distancing is a challenge on many levels.

Some common responses to the current state of affairs are feelings of disinterest, boredom, anxiety, irritation or even hopelessness. What’s happening for you in the current situation? Have you been able to get a good read on where you are emotionally? Here are a few suggestions to help keep things on track emotionally and mentally.

1. Keep a normal routine

Setting a new normal for yourself can certainly help things feel more predictable, though working from home and having the kids home from school can feel a bit daunting. Be sure to incorporate some healthy movement and exercise in to your day as well as a regular wake up and work start time. Build in breaks. Did you know that you are most effective if you take a short break from working at least every 90 minutes? Having a flexible schedule is a great thing as long as you are making your schedule work for you and not the reverse.

2. Participate in things you enjoy

Rediscover or find a new hobby. Practice yoga. Start bird watching. Get takeout at a favorite restaurant! Wondering which restaurants are still open? Most of the restaurants in Charleston area are open and offering take-out and delivery options. Find an updated list here. There is something so normalizing and comforting about eating food that you LOVE!

3. Stay connected

We live in a technological age where we don’t have to be disconnected from those we love even when miles apart due to travel or just minutes away shuttered in our homes due to social distancing! Call and chat with friends and catch up on their lives. Skype or Facetime your family. Send simple texts to those who need a positive message. There are so many ways to stay connected and it will ward off feelings of isolation.

Now we know travel is something we may all be missing. With travel advisories in place, flights limited and restrictions on where you can travel, it can leave a person feeling a bit like a caged bird. As a business who welcomes visitors from all over the world, we certainly miss having travelers come to our beautiful city. However, we are committed to doing all that we can to help prevent the spread of Caronavirus and to help us get on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. So, despite leisure travel being limited right now, there are few things you can do right now from the comfort of your home!

Take a Trip!

Did you know there are ways you can take amazing virtual tours from the comfort of your own couch? AirPano provides 360-degree virtual tours offering you a free opportunity to “visit” any part of the world for free! There is a growing list of museums, zoos, natural wonders and other destinations that are providing free virtual tours. Why not select a destination you have always wanted to visit and schedule an evening to “go” there? Do some research on the area, listen to music from that region, and enjoy a virtual tour. And, most importantly, you can’t forget local cuisine from your destination! Arrange for pick up or delivery or get your cooking groove on and experiment with some new recipes and ingredients! This is a great way to fantasize about future travel plans and to perhaps even plan for future travel.

Plan a Trip!

While we may not be completely certain when travel will pick back up, that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for your next trip! Narrow down your destinations and create a list of sites to see while there. Research the best time to travel as well as typical ticket prices. Look in to companies that offer culinary tours (hint, hint) and call them to see what tours they recommend for your taste, budget and time frame. They can offer you suggestions and ideas for other things to see and do while visiting the area. Use this extra time well to create plans for what you will do when restrictions are lifted and we get back to the routine of life.

While we may not have chosen our current circumstances, we can certainly choose what we will do with the time we have been given. Why not make the most of it? We hope that you are yours are healthy, happy and thriving during this time. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us about modifications to our tours and schedule. We are happy to help in any way!

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