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‘Let’s Get Fresh’: Meet Up With Us When Charleston’s Farmers Markets Open This April

Do you crave fresh fruits and vegetables? Do you love to enjoy a world-class meal made from fresh, local ingredients? Do you choose to eat clean as much as possible? Then this is your month. Charleston’s best farmers markets open in mid-April.

Here at Charleston Culinary Tours, we love to share our passion for great food. Each April, we look forward the beginning of the season for farmers markets. And when the market opens mid-April, we host tours of Charleston’s award-winning farmers markets – the same ones featured by Travel and Leisure magazine, that draw visitors from all across the country.

We also take award-winning chefs along, to help our guests pick and prepare some of the finest foods offered.

But that’s not the only reason to eat food from the farmers market. When you buy locally grown, fresh food, you’re getting more than a great tasting meal. You make a choice you can feel great about.

Here are three more reasons to enjoy the food you pick up along the way during a Farm-to-Market tour:

  1. It’s healthy. When you choose to eat and cook with fresh food from a farmers market, you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. There are no mystery ingredients added, because you are in charge.
  2. Fresh is sustainable. When you buy food from a farmers market, you support local agriculture and food producers. You also reduce the need to for transport, which saves on fuels and other finite resources.
  3. Locally grown is delicious. Fresh food just tastes better! And as any chef will tell you, the key ingredient to great cooking is choosing the best possible, highest quality ingredients. Plus, you’re choosing ingredients that have been used in Charleston cooking for hundreds of years. You can’t have an authentic, local food experience without eating locally produced ingredients.

Have we whet your appetite? Then come down this month and take a weekend tour. We have more information at this page on our website. You can enjoy the Farm-to-Table culinary tour now through mid-December.

We look forward to sharing a Saturday of great food and new friends with you!

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