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‘Catch This If You Can’: Charleston Culinary Tours Offers Sustainable Seafood Tour


This month, we want to share some news that we’re proud to announce: Charleston Culinary Tours is offering a tour showcasing world-class restaurants that offer locally sourced and responsibly harvested seafood. When you take the tour you have a great meal that you can feel good about eating, and benefit the South Carolina Aquarium.

What’s behind our decision to offer this tour? The Sustainable Seafood Tour is part of our commitment to support and share all that makes Charleston such an amazing community. In essence, we want to be good neighbors and citizens. And when you take the tour, you’re a part of that as well! Not only do you get to try amazing, world class meals made by artisan chefs – but you also get to feel good about your decision to support healthy, sustainable, delicious food.

How? Perhaps you’re already familiar with the movement toward eating more sustainably. Many people are concerned about the impacts our consumption patterns are having on the environment, and how we choose to eat can make a difference.

For anyone that loves a great meal, this problem hits even closer to home (so to speak). When you care about good food, you want to make sure that it’s available for that next great meal – for years to come.

And yet, some established practices for catching fish have created issues that could lead to depletion of fish stocks. That’s a problem for anyone who loves seafood, who cares about the local ecosystem, our impact on the environment, about fighting hunger, good stewardship of resources, and about maintaining sources of high-quality, healthy, delicious food sources.

That’s why it’s important to choose fish that is sourced responsibly, by people who are committed to protecting fish stocks. Protecting the source of our fish can mean not taking more than can be replaced through natural breeding.

It can mean eating fish sourced locally, so that you use fewer fuels to transport the fish, and so that you don’t support artificial markets that encourage overfishing to meet demand.

It also means choosing types of fish that are more available seasonally or geographically, and less vulnerable to overfishing from commercial and recreational fishing.

Or, it might mean choosing fish that are less needed to maintain an ecosystem because of their place in the food chain, or that benefit the local tourism industry like the goliath grouper.

We also want to support local fishermen and women, by choosing seafood that sustains the local economy of the southeast. Because we know that what’s good for the environment is very good for people and the community.

The catch of the day is a tour that makes a difference

As a responsible member of this community, we want to accomplish four things:

  1. We want to support our local economy;
  2. Our goal is to help protect the things that make this place special;
  3. We hope to help raise awareness, so that people will make good decisions; and
  4. We want to share great meals with new friends!

We plan to accomplish all of the above with our Sustainable Seafood Tour. You can learn more about what’s on the menu of the tour, and how your choice to participate will help support all that makes Charleston a top destination for anyone that loves food, good culture, the unique geography and climate of this area, and the great people living here.

Please be sure to visit us online, give us a call, or just reach out to learn more. We look forward to sharing a great meal with you!

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