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A Deliciously Different Attraction for Spooky Season and Beyond

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On this Halloween, when the veil between our mortal world and the supernatural realm is thinnest, we’d like to tell you about one of the most unique tour experiences we offer: Dessert with Death! A markedly different haunted experience than the standard ghost tours that populate the oldest Charleston district after dark, Dessert with Death offers a sweeter experience for the ghost-enthusiast. Housed in our historic headquarters on State Street, this dining experience serves up a 5-course dessert menu, throughout which one of our expert storytellers relate different tales of death, ghostly encounters, and macabre happenings, each suited to match the delectable dessert being served. We love this special experience for both its unique take on the dark side of Charleston history, but also how accessible it is for any Charleston visitor (or local!) that may not be willing or able to chance the uneven sidewalks or cobblestone streets of the historic district in search of the supernatural. The relaxed, yet refined setting of our State Street dining room, paired with expert storytelling and some of the most delicious desserts that our culinary city has to offer, makes for a truly memorable evening for spooky-lovers of any age or physical fitness. After Halloween 2021 passes, and the holiday season rushes upon us, keep the Dessert with Death experience in mind for any visiting family or holiday guests. After all – tasty desserts and creepy tales are good fun anytime of year!

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