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Finding Your Ideal Charleston Taco

beautiful tacos

As we’ve discussed on our weekly Holy City Happy Hour, Charleston is currently experiencing an overwhelming wealth of places to get everyone’s favorite handheld, South American staple. Taco restaurants, taco trucks, and even taco pop-ups have emerged throughout the Charleston area like so many mushrooms after a spring rain, and it can be hard to pick where to go for the right tortilla-bound meal to suit a particular occasion. Date night? Margs with the girls to wrap up a good (or bad) week? A quick pickup while running errands? We’re here to help you find the perfect taco spot to suit your dining needs.


Taco Spot – A casual West Ashley shop for fun, non-traditional flavors. An easy “I’m running errands in West Ash and don’t want to wait in the Chick-Fil-A line” grab!


El Pincho Taco – Traditional flavors with both solid veg options and more meats on offer than you’ll see at most other spots, to satisfy both vegans and carnivores alike. Fun, punchy drinks!


Santi’s – Tried and true. A perfect downtown spot for no-frills margs and tacos after work. 


Torres Superettes – The best grab n’ go tacos on the peninsula!


El Molino –  The Charleston area’s most authentic Mexican tacos and chicharrones, located in a hispanic grocery. Grab a platter and a bunch of cochas for dessert!


Pink Taco – Trendy, tasty, woman-owned spot that also happens to be highly ‘grammable. Great for a downtown girl’s night. 


Taco Spot – Bring the kids, order a frozen screwdriver, and get your relax on. 


Jalisco – Slightly more *fancy* with an array of beautifully-executed flavors. Perfect for a polished date night! 


Rebel Taqueria – Laid back North Charleston spot with fun specials, a cozy bar, and the occasional oyster shooter. 


Tacos de la Bahia –  Oakland chef brings Cali flavors to the peninsula. Keep an eye out for their inventive popups and bring your friend that always complains about there being no good tacos on the East Coast


***For Locals Eyes Only: Still in mourning for Minero? It lives on in Atlanta’s Ponce Market, so aim for GA the next time a hurricane evac runs us out of town.***


Don’t forget to check out our Holy City Happy Hour to catch all the latest Charleston food news, and sign up for our award-winning Downtown Charleston tour to taste our city’s many, ever-evolving flavors!

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