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‘Crafty, And Just My Type’: A Walking Tour Through The Charleston Brewery Scene

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By now, you’re probably already very much aware that the word of mouth from those who know is that Charleston is a top destination for great food and drink. Our city is regularly at the top of the list of destinations for world-class cuisine, fine dining, and creative cocktails. But have you heard yet about what’s on tap for those of us that love a good craft beer?

The latest buzz from people that know great world-class food and drink is about the amazing options available due to a growing Charleston brewery scene. In case you missed it, the wealth of new options and exciting energy around local craft beer was featured in The New York Times recently, in which the culture writer (rightly) notes that “the dazzling restaurant scene is so competitive, dining out on a Friday or Saturday can be as premeditated as a trip to the moon.”

Don’t we know it. Here at Charleston Culinary Tours, we have the inside track on local food and brews — and we love to share what we know with new friends. Our guides are excited about the scene, and ready to take you on a tour your won’t soon forget. Whether you’re in the market for a memorable walking tour through the most vibrant neighborhoods, a restaurant tour to experience an amazing meal, a mixologist tour to sample carefully curated artisan cocktails, or just want to enjoy something more quirky, laid back, or casual at a brewery, we know exactly where to find what you’re looking to find.

Ready to learn more? Here’s what you need to know about the local Charleston brewery scene, craft beers, and how to enjoy the best.

A Walking Tour Through The Local Brewery Scene in Charleston

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you might not know that Charleston has had a boom of new breweries, tap rooms, and great dining pop up in an area that some are calling the new “brewery district.” The area is located on the northern peninsula, and the scene to date is thriving with the energy of some very dedicated brew masters, foodies, and supporters of local culture.

For the most part, many of the breweries have opened up in a part of town that’s being called “The Neck.” There are at least seven breweries within cycling distance from each other, and all have opened in the last three years. There’s also plenty of dining, a skatepark, and more in the area.

And the scene couldn’t be more vibrant, creative, and fun. The breweries and tap houses can be found in renovated tap rooms, on rooftops, in casual neighborhood hangouts, transformed warehouse spaces, and even a repurposed Navy records storage building!

Some of these spaces were built with large outdoor gathering areas, as well as space for food trucks. The idea is to encourage the public to have a full social experience, kick back, and even enjoy dinner.

You’ll also find that many of the interior brewery spaces are designed in a thoughtful way, in keeping with the desire to encourage creativity and culture, and host fun events — both casual and elevated.

It’s all part of the trend amongst food and drink lovers toward thoughtfully crafted experiences, and placing a premium on creating a unique local environment to be shared by like-minded folks.

In this thriving craft brew scene, many of the Charleston artisan brewers have made a commitment to use local and/or organic ingredients, in keeping with the desire to source the best quality to create thoughtfully crafted brews with fresh and sometimes unexpected flavors. Often, the brews are crafted with thoughts of how they will pair with food.

Although the Charleston brewery scene feels fresh and new, the culture of innovation and the desire to create a world-class meal in very much in keeping with the history, character, and local culture of Charleston. We know how to eat, and we want to share it with family, friends, and loved ones! Nothing is better than that.

That’s why we invite you to reach out to us at Charleston Culinary Tours if you’re interested in learning more, or want to take one of our tours. We look forward to sharing an experience with you!

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