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Experiences And Not Things: A Culinary Or Walking Tour Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Have you been following the latest discussions about happiness, and what makes for a happy life? The current wisdom is that for most of us it’s the positive life experiences, rather than the things we buy and own, that are most likely to bring joy. Experts recommend that we spend our time and money on experiences, rather than buying the latest new gadget.

Based on that recommendation, we have a suggestion that’s sure to add some happiness to your life. It might be time for you and yours to take a walking tour, mixology tour, and/or culinary tour in Charleston, for an experience that is sure to be both enjoyable and memorable!

And really, there might not be a better time of year to book your culinary tour. We’re now officially entering the season of giving, and it’s highly likely that most of us DON’T need another sweater, pair of slippers, candle, or other white elephant gift.

Instead, it’s better to give an experience that is sure to be memorable, and even give you a little bonding time with your friends and loved ones. That could include a walking tour through a historic neighborhood, a culinary tour to experience a world-class meal made by the best chefs, or a mixology tour to experience artisan craft cocktails.

How? Let’s explore the idea of ‘experiences and not things’ a little more closely. According to a number of credible studies, people reported greater levels of satisfaction and overall happiness derived from experiences than they do from acquiring a new object — even when it’s the latest iPhone.

That’s because there’s always a better object to buy, and we’re likely to get used to our possessions and become dissatisfied.

Having an experience, however, is different. We get to enjoy the anticipation, the event itself, and then be able to savor the memory. Additionally, experiences give us an opportunity to build on other things that are more likely to make us happy.

For example, most of us are more likely to be happy if we have close relationships. Experiences with people are what build and cement relationships.

Additionally, experiences are also good for our sense of self. We’re more likely to regard time spent doing something we can check off our bucket list, learning something new, exploring, or reaching a goal as time well spent, and as part of our identity.

For example, knowing how to cook or make a killer drink is a skill you can take with you after an experience. Buying a new sweater isn’t.

So, how does this apply to taking a walking or culinary tour? We’d say that booking a tour to experience the best Charleston has to offer is the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ this holiday season.

How A Walking Or Culinary Tour Is The Perfect Gift For the Holidays

Are you ready to give something that will be appreciated, savored and enjoyed — rather than stowed in a drawer or the back of a closet? Consider booking a walking tour, culinary tour, or mixology tour with Charleston Culinary Tours.

Taking time to share a drink, meal, or even just take a walk is a gift both to yourself, and the people you share the experience with. You’re investing in yourself, and giving the kind of uninterrupted time to loved ones that make them feel special. The takeaway is a great time out, and a lasting memory.

You might even get inspired to learn to cook, make your own cocktails at home, or learn more about local architecture or history. It’s all up to you.

Ready to learn more? We invite you to visit us online to learn about all of the experiences available with our tours in Charleston, then give us a call. We hope to hear from you!

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