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Where to Drink Cocktails in Charleston Right Now


There’s a wealth of opportunities for imbibing in Charleston, but where to find the latest and greatest? Here’s an updated Cocktail Heatmap of places to visit for a drink as soon as happy hour hits. While this map focuses on restaurants and bars that have opened within the past year, we’ve also included some older establishments undergoing a new heatwave thanks to recent changes to their cocktail menus.

Note: Map points are not listed by rank. 

1 goat.sheep.cow.north

While the new goat.sheep.cow. doesn’t serve liquor drinks, there are enough wine, beer, and cheese choices to keep you entertained. This outpost offers seating for patrons, as well as all the amenities of the downtown store, so now guests can enjoy a glass of rosé or slice of prosciutto in the space.

804 Meeting St
Charleston, SC 29403

2 Little Jack’s Tavern

The cocktails are classic and the vibe stays comfortable at throwback restaurant Little Jack’s Tavern. It’s the sort of place you want to bring a book on a cold day and rest at the bar with a Martinez or two.

Leslie McKellar
710 King St
Charleston, SC 29403

3 Feathertop

Bar manager Jeremiah Schenzel recently joined the team at Scarecrow & Co. to take over the booze programs at both Scarecrow and Feathertop. Stop in to see what changes this vaunted bartender has made to the menus.

23 Ann St
Charleston, SC 29403

4 Stella’s

The cocktails at freshly opened Stella’s celebrate Greek heritage, much like the rest of the menus. Drinks include the Saint Sophia with prosecco, Aperol, citrus, and St. Germain and the Santorini with vodka, blueberries, ginger, lemon, and pomegranate.

114 St Philip St
Charleston, SC 29424
(843) 400-0026

5 The Living Room

Stop by ultra chic hotel The Dewberry for a drink in The Living Room. One of the most stunning settings around, the space replaces the traditional lobby. A solid brass bar stretching the length of one wall anchors the room full of mid-century modern furnishings. Floor-to-ceiling windows surround the space with views from the corner of Charlotte and Meeting Streets.

The bar is open all day with cocktail servers in the evening. Dark spirits, Clinebell ice, and crystal stemware take the cocktails at The Living Room to a new level. Expert bar manager Ryan Casey offers classics and his takes on classics, like the Panic Button with bourbon, Campari, Averna, Cherry Herring, and lemon. The cocktails are as stunning as the room.

Erin Perkins
334 Meeting St
Charleston, SC 29403
(877) 835-6530

6 Cane Rhum Bar & Caribbean Kitchen

Cane Rhum Bar & Caribbean Kitchen wants guests to chill in an island atmosphere with a few rum drinks and chef Paul Yellin’s island fare. Patrons can find boozy cocktails like the Instant Vacation and jumbo garlic prawns at the renovated 251 East Bay St. space.

251 E Bay St
Charleston, SC 29401

7 Pawpaw

Southern restaurant Pawpaw recently extended its hours to 2:00 a.m. at the bar to keep the party flowing. This means you have more time to sample the “Why Haven’t I Met Bill Murray?” cocktail — a smoked Old Fashioned with Basil Hayden and High Wire amaro.

209 E Bay St
Charleston, SC 29401

8 Le Farfalle

Le Farfalle recently acquired its liquor license, so now patrons can have their pasta and cocktails too. Cocktails range from The Salty Ginger (rum, lemon, ginger, honey. and Carolina flake salt) to the Vertical Railroad (jalapeño-infused tequila, mezcal, lime, pineapple, orgeat, and cinnamon).

Brian Stetson
15 Beaufain St
Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 212-0920

9 The Best Friend Lounge

Located in The Mills House, The Best Friend Lounge will serve cocktails inspired by classics, local beers, and fortified wines like sherry, port, vermouth, and madeira. Of the wines, bar manager Roger Gelis says he’s been exploring them and that “The various expressions within the different categories have a broad range of personalities. Studying and tasting them have pulled me into a rabbit hole. I’ll keep going and sharing along the way.”

115 Meeting St
Charleston, SC 29401

10 McCrady’s Tavern

Recently-opened McCrady’s Tavern offers plenty of interesting cocktails to pair with chef Sean Brock’s artful creations. Try the Chilean Blues with pisco, blueberry cordial, Carpano Bianco, lemon, cava, pimento bitters, and African blue basil grown on the roof.

2 Unity Alley
Charleston, SC 29401

11 Bar Normandy

Former FIG server Philip Michael Cohen runs the beverage program, which includes well-curated wines and inexpensive local beers (plus a $2 PBR). Fans of Cohen’s appearances on Charleston podcast Effinbradio will appreciate the touch of humor added to the wine listings, which describes a muscadet as, “Crisp, lean, mineral driven white that’s been in a healthy relationship with oysters for years.” There’s no actual cocktails, but wine and beer on Broad Street work too.

19 Broad St
Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 789-4509

Source: Charleston Eater

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