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Upper King Street Here we Come!

With the thriving, hip vibes of Upper Kings Street in Charleston, it’s easy to forget that this historic area is one of the oldest in the city. Dated at nearly 200 years old, this street crosses through the Charleston peninsula and was one of the main thoroughfares when the city was established in 1670. Named after King Charles II of England, this street has deep roots in the city’s beginning stages. In fact, many of the side streets surrounding King Street are named after prominent families who lived in the area during the establishment of the city. From even the very early years of the city, King Street was known as a commercial and retail corridor and it has maintained that tradition with a live-where-you-work atmosphere. Many retail spaces have residential spaces on the upper floors, a nod to the way things were in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Upper King Street specifically has a unique, urban but visitor-friendly feel. And, for the foodie, you couldn’t find a better place to visit. This is a place where all restaurants thrive. From the classics that have been around for a while to the trendy latest and greatest, you certainly won’t go hungry. In fact, your mouth will be happy for weeks after visiting this area! That is exactly why we chose to focus several of our food tours in this area. Our Charleston Food Tours is extremely popular and will give you a fantastic overview of what this delicious food haven has to offer. This 2 ½ hour tour offers insight into the area, which was recently named one of the top 10 food neighborhoods in America while showcasing four of Charleston’s culinary innovators who exemplify cooking in the New South! The Charleston Culinary Tour is designed to show off some of the best that Charleston has to offer and provide insight into Charleston’s ever-changing culinary scene. The tour visits four different restaurants, and combines elements of a historical tour with a culinary adventure! The food on your tour will provide a broad range of samples which will provide insight into Lowcountry cuisine.

You also won’t be bored when visiting this area. King Street is divided into three areas. Lower King is the Antiques District, Middle King has the Fashion District, and Upper King is known as the Design District. But nonetheless, Upper King Street is known as a “live-where-you-work” community and with great reason. This area has so much to offer! There are tech firms, interior design and architect companies, restaurants, antique shops, and art galleries nestled among new homes as well as restored historic homes. This walking-friendly city area has many inexpensive hotels compared to other areas of the historic district. Due to the close proximity to Charleston College, younger crowds bring energy to the city during the school year and the nightlife is lively.

We absolutely love this area for food tours! In addition to our popular Charleston Dinner Tour, our Upper King Street Tour is equally sought after. The Upper King Street district has emerged as an area with tremendous energy; showcasing culinary innovation, experimental design, and boutique shopping. The restaurants featured on the food tour are trailblazers in Charleston’s culinary scene, edgy and innovative, with a tremendous passion for their craft. This 2 1/2 hour Upper King Street tour is designed to show off some of the best that Charleston has to offer and provide insight into Charleston’s ever-changing culinary scene.

And let’s not forget to mention that every Saturday from April through December, visitors and residents alike can enjoy the Marion Square Farmers Market for fresh produce and handcrafted items. It is stocked with seasonal fruit and vegetables. In fact, one of our favorite tour experiences happens right at the farmers market! This 3-hour Farm-to-Table Experience begins with meeting your tour guide and that day’s participating chef, who leads the group to the farmer’s market to pick out the freshest ingredients the market has to offer. After you and your chef pick out ingredients and you explore the market, your guide takes the group on a walking tour for approximately 45 minutes. Meanwhile, the chef prepares a multi-course meal utilizing the ingredients just purchased at the market, for a true farm-to-table experience. This tour has been nationally ranked by Travel and Leisure Magazine and with good reason. It is an awesome experience!

We are looking forward to the upcoming travel season and we know our support will help many small businesses and restaurants recover from the recent events associated with COVID-19. Charleston is a must-see and a chance to experience the best that South Carolina has to offer. We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you create the best travel experience for your time and budget. It is our intent to help you have the best experience possible in our beautiful, historical city.

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