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Anyone Can Cook With the Help of Technology


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The great Auguste Gusteau said: “Anyone can cook.” These words might have resonated most to Remy the Rat in the hit Disney film, Ratatouille. But it doesn’t make it less true for everyone, especially in this day and age when technology has firmly hit its stride.

One no longer needs a fancy culinary school diploma, or even plenty of kitchen time with mom growing up, to whip up delicious meals. Literally, anyone can cook these days—from millennial foodies to busy parents, amateur home cooks to young kids with an interest—all thanks to the countless tools and resources available and easily accessible over the internet.

Suffice it to say, you need not look beyond your gadget screens, as well as step away from your own kitchen, to get started on your culinary journey. Here are some of the most invaluable resources over the web that you can easily peruse, not just for instruction, but for recipe ideas, too.

Cooking blogs

Regardless if it’s your first or 91st foray into the realm of cooking, you’re bound to encounter the ubiquitous cooking blog. These blogs are a real godsend as they provide often-valuable information to the layman, usually at the cost of mere hits and clicks.

Of course, cooking blogs are not created equal. Some provide quality content, while others leave much to be desired. However, they all generally seek to provide the same thing, and that is to impart valuable cooking techniques and recipes to amateur cooks. So find your favorites and get started.

Online classes

For those who crave more formal and structured instruction, technology delivers yet again with online classes. It seems that there’s an online course for just about everything under the sun these days, including cooking. With these classes, you not only get recipe ideas, but you can work on refining essential cooking skills while you’re at it, too.

No doubt the best thing about these classes is you can do them whenever your schedule permits. Not only that, Urban Tastebud points out some of the best online cooking classes today offer you the benefit of learning from celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey and his ilk, which is more than worth the subscription fees that some of these platforms charge.

Online streaming

Cooking shows are another great resource that will keep you on track in your cooking journey in a very fun way. There are so many available today with varying concepts and focus, so there’s always something to learn. And while there’s nothing quite like grandma’s recipes, food sourcing and preparation are constantly evolving, making these shows truly helpful as they normally showcase inventive, contemporary techniques.

While most of these shows can be viewed on TV, you can actually avoid hefty cable costs by investing in an alternative that’s more affordable, like a streaming stick TV device. These devices are pretty handy, too, even coming with mobile apps, so you can watch your shows anywhere. All you need is a reliable wifi connection and compatible TV or device, and you can already binge-watch your favorite cooking shows without a huge dent on your wallet.

Get social

And finally, staying inspired with fresh meal ideas can increasingly become a challenge as you go deeper into this culinary road. Know that some of the best, untapped resources for delicious dishes can be found right in your backyard, such as your favorite local restaurants, bakeries, farms, bars, and more.

Most of these are run by local chefs and bartenders who have worked hard on developing their menu offerings, so it definitely won’t hurt to reach out to them through social media or email and let them know how much you love their food. Who knows? They just might be compelled to share their recipes with you. If not, Street Directory notes you can always take a stab at recreating your favorites at home.

Indeed, the internet is truly a goldmine of information, and the many things it can teach you about cooking will have you whipping up all sorts of delicious things in no time. So go online to start your culinary journey. Who knows where it might take you?

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