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Our Picks for the Finest Local Crudo

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Ooh baby we like it raw…. and by raw, we mean seafood. Specifically, we’re pretty gaga over the gorgeous ceviches, crudos, and seafood carpaccios that our amazing local restaurants have to offer. So if you’re looking for some of the best destinations around Charleston for this maritime delicacy, read on!


Cudaco – A casual James Island spot for daily, seasonal crudo with trout roe, cucumber lime, juce radish, chilies, and olive oil. Browse their beautiful seafood selection on ice or their grab and go fridge for a plethora of other goodies to take home, or pick a few other fresh menu selections and dine in. 


Estadio – This traditionally Spanish, vibrant Spring Street spot downtown offers a seasonal fish crudo with fennel, radish, lemon, leek, and sunflower seed. Ask your server about what wines, sherries, or vermouths would pair best, or live a little and order the porrón del dia to make dinner a little extra fun. 


Nico – This Shem Creek spot is perfect for the seafood-loving Francophile. Among their ample raw menu they offer a refreshing scallop ceviche with grapefruit, pickled red onions, radish, lime, and cucumbers. Their oyster presentation is particularly easy on the eyes, so be sure to order a few on the half shell, along with some French bubbles to feel extra fancy.


Bar George – A chill James Island bar from the geniuses that brought you Bar Normandy, this is a great place to let your high and low brow indulgences happily commingle. Alongside their rudderfish crudo with cucumber, yogurt, and trout roe, you’ll find an elevated (but not too fancy) hot dog, while icy Miller High Lifes cohabitate happily with natural wines and a divine house dirty martini. 


The Royal Tern – A gem in the heart of John’s Island, The Royal Tern is turning out a sexy scallop carpaccio with olive oil, sea salt, chives, and caviar. Beautifully prepared steaks abound for any less-than-fish-friendly members of your party, and definitely don’t leave without giving the dessert list a look – they’re constantly upping their pastry game with picks just as fresh as seasonal as their beautiful seafood.


Have more local seafood quandaries for us? We recommend you hop on our Upper King Street culinary tour to take a peek at some of the best, and brightest names in our local seafood scene! You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to find superior local seafood, while sampling exemplary dishes along the way.

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