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10 surprising facts about South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina, USA town skyline.

The historical roots of South Carolina run deep. Established by the British in 1663 as one of the 13 original colonies, the past of our great state is storied. Because our engaging culinary tours not only include delicious, local fare but intriguing tidbits of history, we pulled together a list of fun facts about Charleston and South Carolina as an introduction to our beautiful state.

  1. Our state name is derived from King Charles II, the English monarch who was ruling when South Carolina was founded as a colony. The Latin name “Carolus” translates to Charles.
  2. North and South Carolina were a part of the same colony up until 1729 when the colony was divided to form two states.
  3. Despite Georgia’s claim to being the “Peach State,” South Carolina produces more peaches than any other state east of the Mississippi. In fact, Johnston is known as the peach capital of the world.
  4. Frogmore stew (a native dish that doesn’t involve frogs and isn’t really a stew) hailed from a small fishing village by that name on St. Helena Island. It’s made with sausage, shrimp, corn and potatoes and it can feed a crowd!
  5. The “Godfather of Soul,” James Brown was born in Barnwell, South Carolina, into poverty and he worked his way to the top of the music industry. Soul Power!
  6. Two words: The Shag. Ever heard of it? It just happens to be the official state dance in South Carolina!
  7. Sumter, SC is home to the largest Ginkgo farm in the world.
  8. Blackbeard, the famous bearded pirate who lived during the early 1700s hailed from South Carolina. Did you know his given name is Edward Teach?
  9. Believed to be one of the oldest living things in the country, the Angel Oak Tree can be found on John’s Island (very close to Charleston!), the largest island in the state of South Carolina.
  10. The first Civil War battle occurred in South Carolina at Fort Sumter, a historical site you can still visit to this day.

If you’re looking for a unique and delicious way to get to know Charleston, our culinary tours are the perfect way to feed your curiosity and your appetite! Never been on a culinary tour before? You are in for a real treat! Simply put, a culinary tour is essentially a way to explore and experience a culture through delicious, local food. Charleston Culinary Tours combines the best of Charleston history, food, and drinks with unique historic tours that highlight local cuisine and cocktails.

On each tour, we visit several restaurants, bars and even the farmers market to give you a well-rounded taste of the local fare as well as exposure to the variety of eating establishments that our beautiful city has to offer. We completely support local restaurants and pride ourselves in helping you discover those gems that all the “locals” enjoy.

Our tour guides have established relationships with many of the restaurant and bar owners in the area which allows for some personal one on one time to see the behind-the-scene workings as well as to learn about the methods and approaches used to make each restaurant deliciously unique. You will come face to face with business owners that will create connections and memories that will leave a lifelong impression.

And, as if the exposure to delicious food isn’t enough, our engaging tour guides love this great city and are knowledgeable about the wonderful history that resides in the cobblestone street and historical buildings. You will enjoy stories and anecdotes about Charleston’s past and you will never look at the city quite the same way. You will go home with stories to tell your friends and family. And, your taste buds will never forget the time you spent with us either!

Allow us to serve you the next time you are in our great city! Our tours fill quickly, so advance reservations are encouraged. We look forward to helping you enjoy a relaxing, enjoyable and memorable time here in Charleston, South Carolina!

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