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46 State Street: A Proper Introduction

a close up of a brick building

In the heart of Charleston’s historic French Quarter neighborhood, State Street (named Union Street, before simmering years of pre-Civil War conflict prompted a name change in 1860), had already seen plenty of history before 46 State was built as it stands today. As was the case in every bustling city of the colonial American settlements, Charleston was vulnerable to accidental fire, and blazes were a constant threat in the close quarters of the original city boundaries. Open flame was necessary in cookery, heating, and lighting, and Charleston had seen countless blazes rip through its downtown avenues before the modern era ushered in safer methods of living comfortably. Thus, the entire block of State Street from Cumberland Street to Queen Street, burned twice in the fires of 1740 and 1796. 

In 1805, the block was rebuilt as a single structure, to house a wholesale grocer. The wide arched doorways were designed as part of the warehouse portion of the business, meant to accept large shipments of goods — the pre-modern version of the large roll-up warehouse doors we see at the back of today’s grocery stores. The arched doors are still one of our favorite features of our building – and a constant reminder that our building has been connected to Charleston foodways since the 1800s!

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place


With a beautifully refurbished interior, 46 State is today a versatile space that we’re excited to open up as a private event venue. Whether you’re planning a bachelorette brunch, a private romantic dinner, a birthday party, or a family get-together, our historic walls will provide the perfect, picturesque backdrop for your event. Our own private chef is on hand to cook up a multi-course meal to suit your tastes — or request your meal brought in from any of Charleston’s world-class restaurants. Let us provide the ambiance… and take care of the dishes.

To experience our gorgeous State Street dining room with one of our licensed guides, book our Historic Supper Club and taste the Palmetto City’s past lives as they play out on your plate! To inquire about private events and reserve your special day or evening, call or email us! We’re looking forward to welcoming you to 46 State. 


-Palmer Stowe

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