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A Walking Tour ‘In Their Shoes’: An Insider’s View Of Charleston’s Best Kitchens


Have you ever wondered about the inspiration and process that goes into crafting a well-prepared meal? While savoring a really good dish or drink, have you ever thought you’d like to thank the chef and get his or her insights? Ever been curious to take a peek into the kitchens of the most celebrated restaurants, or a culinary tour as seen through the eyes of the chef?

Most of us that really love to experience world-class food have had a hunger to learn more about how the best food gets made. That impulse is behind some of the most popular television series out today. There are currently a number of shows featuring a celebrated chef taking trips to the source of great ingredients, the best restaurants, and having conversations with the most inspired cooks in the world.

Now, you can get that same experience in-person and close to home with a culinary and walking tour to visit great local restaurants here in Charleston, South Carolina.

And really, is there a better location for the experience? Charleston has a rich culinary tradition, and southern food is world-renowned for its flavor, character, and history. That’s something everyone knows, and something we’ve had the privilege to experience first-hand. We’ve shared farm-to-table tours, a walking tour of some of the best bars in Charleston, and culinary tours of world-class local restaurants with visitors and locals alike.

But to really get to know more about how great food gets made, we know that you’ll want to ‘ask the experts.’ Now you can take a culinary tour that includes getting behind the scenes to meet the chef and kitchen staff at some of the most renowned restaurants in Charleston. Because who knows food better than a chef?

If you’re someone who relishes the opportunity to experience quality, and is only satisfied when you really get it, then you have to take our Chef’s Kitchen Tour.

A behind the scened walking tour to meet celebrated chefs

Truth be told, cooking is an art form we can all enjoy. You might say it’s the most accessible of all of the arts, because anyone can appreciate a well prepared dish — and most of us know when something misses the mark. The best chefs today are using their skill and creativity to take a meal and elevate your meal and the dining experience to the next level.

First, it’s about quality ingredients, and Charleston has those in abundance. The chefs also put their inspiration and creativity into the food. On a walking tour of Charleston restaurants, you’ll also learn more about the methods. There’s nothing like being able to see and experience the flavors and smells of a kitchen in real time.

Good food also tells the story of the tradition it came from. The chefs are keeping the keeping the culinary tradition alive, and you’ll get to be a part of that tradition.

Our tour will let you meet the chef and kitchen staff, to learn more about the process. And just like you would when you watch one of those television shows about baking, sourcing great food, fusing different cooking techniques to come up with even better combinations, or traveling to enjoy great meals, you’ll come away satisfied and inspired to better enjoy the meals you make at home.

Even better, you’ll get to have the experience in-person, use all of your senses, and talk directly to the chef. Ever had a question while watching one of those shows? Now you’ll be able to ask questions, and come away satisfied with answers.

About the Chef’s Tour

As always, our walking tour is in historic downtown Charleston. This is a tour for anyone who loves food, and wants to learn more about the craft behind it. You’ll get a chance to sample dishes, and will come away satisfied that you’ve really experienced the local flavor of Charleston.

Keep in mind that each tour is unique, just as each meal is unique. For more information about what to expect, please visit our website page here.

We look forward to meeting and talking with you!

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